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In 2021 the Olathe Subaru Cycling Team officially becomes Move Up Elite Road*. From 2015-2020, during the Olathe Subaru years, the team was limited to only USAC Category 1 riders. Under the new structure, the team consists of USAC Category 1-2 riders.

*We wanted a name that fit into the current naming structure of the club and off-road team, and this was the best we could do… Later in 2021, we decided the “elite” part of the name was a bit pretentious, so we changed the name to Move Up Road Squad. This name wasn’t any more creative, but definitely less pretentious. We now unofficially call ourselves the Move Up Super Elite Road Squad because we still have “elite road” and “road squad” jerseys in circulation, and the two names combined are super awesome.