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Things get weird in 2020 🙂

At this point, we had three teams under the Move Up Umbrella.

  • Move Up Off-Road focused on gravel racing and USAC Cat 1 MTB and CX
  • Olathe Subaru focused on USAC Cat 1 Road
  • Move Up Development was our USAC Cat 2-5 Road development team

While the road development program was a success, it was limited to only road racers. We had a lot of interest from athletes wanting to join Move Up Off-Road but didn’t have a solid pathway similar to our road program for developing riders to join. We needed a new structure to continue growth.

Enter the Move Up Cycling Club! This new club format included riders of all ability levels and all disciplines. With this change, the Move Up Development team was no longer needed, as the new club would act as a development pipeline for both aspiring off-road and road racers.