Move Up Cycling Club

A community of athletes focused on getting faster, having fun, and supporting each other through every mile.

Finding a solid club is tough

We know how hard it is to find a group of like-minded athletes to train and race with. Part of our mission is to paint a clear picture of what a healthy cycling team can look like by making it easy for you to join us at rides and races. 

Connecting cyclists with community leaders

Cycling is better together

Our goal is to create an inclusive, safe, and motivating community for athletes to push their limits on a bike. We also want to provide a gateway for aspiring racers to explore the competitive part of the sport with guidance from expert coaches and veteran racers.

All cyclists are welcome.

All abilities levels. All discplines.


Our club crew is home to cyclists of all ages and ability levels. Regardless of you’re chosen discipline, if your goal is to improve as an endurance athlete then this is the place for you!


You can always expect to see an abundance of Move Up kits at local off-road events. Gravel, mountain biking, cyclocross, we love it all!


This is where Move Up began and will always be a focus for us. The road crew organizes regular meetups and always shows up to race day ready to go fast!


We put an emphasis on fun while using cycling as a tool to help young athletes build confidence, discipline, and an appreciation for hard work. Juniors (18 and younger) always join free!

This is the club you've been looking for

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